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Strong Wheels Logistics Inc. is an company specializing in easy, efficient and transparent truck Loads dispatch and load planning services for owner-operators and transportation companies. We can help keep you moving and grow your business as your one stop for finding loads, managing the paperwork and getting you paid. We will help your trucks run more efficiently by planning ahead, so you are looking beyond the load you are currently hauling.


The experienced staff offer a unique background in the transportation industry, which has created direct relationships with shippers in key areas. These unmatched relationships are the key to us finding you the best loads.

The small type: A lot of union experts out there claim to “merely understand” what is actually heading incorrect in a relationship. Alfred and Lucinda you should not only understand. They’ve invested decades mastering psychology, examining research-based scientific studies on connections, and dealing on their own relationship. These certified commitment educators you shouldn’t just talk the talk — they’ve strolled the walk. They founded the enjoy Savvy Club, an extensive web source for couples in crisis, to deliver internet black cougar dating and maried people with the information they should reignite the spark within relationships. Partners of various age groups can enhance their own really love life by using the web courses or reading the innovative information articles with this site. Alfred and Lucinda supply one-on-one training for VIP customers who would like to enjoy deeper and create mental intelligence by consulting with the experts.


Alfred and Lucinda Loveland found one another on prom evening, and felt a solid appeal immediately. The world appeared to remain however around them because they talked about everything under the sun. Their own union blossomed and soon turned into severe. They eloped along with a kid while nonetheless within their very early 20s.

In 2006, the students pair desired to state their vows in a chapel in front of their family and pals, but very first they had to get the acceptance of a lay counselor. Unfortuitously, they flunked premarital counseling. The consultant canceled the wedding fourteen days prior to the ready go out, without other chapel would take all of them.

It absolutely was a stunning and disturbing change of activities. People who were likely to offer knowledge and assistance towards the pair, alternatively told all of them they certainly were too young to agree to each other and could not manage to create situations work. Really, Alfred and Lucinda happened to be determined to show the naysayers incorrect and develop an enduring relationship. And they have. They’ve been gladly married virtually 14 years.

“We came away using these encounters convinced that often other people’s views, even when considered expert, is almost certainly not beneficial,” Alfred mentioned, “because regarding preconceptions about people or even the minimal relevance their education has actually nowadays.”

Alfred and Lucinda’s encounters with lovers guidance, relationship classes, along with other self-help resources stimulated them to enter into the field by themselves. They planned to provide reliable, research-based methods for couples in situation. Today, Alfred and Lucinda tend to be both qualified connection educators with psychology levels through the college of California at Irvine. They started their own professions  as translators and teachers at healthier Relationships Ca, where they coached valuable and practical interaction strategies for four years.

Some time ago, Alfred and Lucinda created the enjoy Savvy Club to expand their reach and also make a bigger effect on partners throughout the world. Their mission is make beneficial online products also resources that’ll guide individuals through mental issues by making use of empirical information in areas of therapy, neurology, background, and anthropology. The connection professionals strive to supply impartial information that creates people up and empowers these to save your self their interactions.

“At the conclusion of your day, the happy couple is the one which has to carry out the most of the work,” Alfred stated. “If a person thing does not do so for somebody, you increase the chances of vital modifications taking place by seeking out various resources.”

A Science-Based method of love Counseling

When their own union was in trouble, Alfred and Lucinda study various guides, attended courses, and put effort into teaching themselves becoming much better partners for one another. They accept now that a solid union doesn’t simply take place — required a couple willing to endanger, discover, and develop collectively. They don’t really provide one-size-fits-all solutions but rather convince players to-do their particular research, select a program that actually works on their behalf, and enter their unique commitment with a confident mindset.

The couple designed the HIGH program to resolve couples’ most pushing questions, like “how would I have my partner to hear myself?” and “how perform we make the romance last?” RICH is short for Romance, Intimacy, Connection, and Happiness because those tend to be four central areas of a healthy and balanced relationship. This system offers a live monthly course and standard e-mail check-ins that assist partners stay on training course. Alfred and Lucinda spend the very first twenty minutes from the group phone call responding to concerns submitted to all of them by players, they teach their own training, and, right at the end, they invest ten minutes responding to any questions that came up throughout course.

This organized concept strategy equips lovers with everything they should succeed in their unique interactions. Lucinda and Alfred also periodically see consumers in one-on-one appointments throughout every season. Quickly might even be moving around a unique program called ways to get happy Without Asking as a more inexpensive solution for partners.

“i love RICH because it’s based on research, and that I was done with folks providing their own ‘intuition.'” — Rebecca, a customer from New Jersey

Alfred and Lucinda just take their own parts as teachers really, and do their utmost to not conflate their unique knowledge as one or two with everyone else’s knowledge. In place of supplying their own views, they try to provide details about the specific facets which make connections do well or fail.

“We avoid the nonsense or overly anecdotal material while focusing on details offered by established professionals and scientific analysis,” Lucinda said.

Alfred included they provide numerous on-line products, such as guidance posts, a manual, and a counseling plan, to allow couples to understand at their pace and locate the training that works on their behalf. It is certainly not a one-size-fits-all approach. “guidance cannot perform the job 100percent, but a profound breakthrough could happen by creating that letter for the reason that working area or talking with that person where one event,” he stated. “possibly even as a combined outcome of all those situations. So, like Savvy Club features as an essential reference you will grab in the process.”

Learn How to accept lifestyle & present Love

Couples of various age groups have actually accompanied the Love Savvy Club. Some are matchmaking and having hurdles the very first time, while others tend to be hitched and worn out by many years of disconnection or disagreement. Some customers be involved in an application alongside their unique associates, although some enter it by yourself thereby applying the lessons to their relationships. The things they all have in common, though, is actually a readiness and desire for change.

“Love Savvy Club is actually for those people who are happy to try new things,” Alfred mentioned. “They know and accept that people live in a period of time in which there is usage of sources that escaped the parents and grandparents.”

Alfred and Lucinda been employed by difficult to make Love Savvy Club a mainly on line reference simply because they want to make beneficial connection info open to everybody else everywhere. These products encourage couples to re-evaluate their particular parts for the connection making changes when someone’s requirements are not being came across.

These relationship specialists you should not concur with the idea that not everyone can have really love and fulfillment in their lives. Any few is capable of doing it. They simply need to know how. “We follow the scene that, with a bit of energy and expert guidance, you can get to a level of fulfilment in your relationship you are aware you deserve,” Alfred mentioned.

With its variety of methods, the fancy Savvy Club prepares folks of all areas of life to speak effectively and realize the other person on a much deeper amount.

“we are great the manner by which we tend to be,” Lucy stated. “it is about determining how-to coexist together that will additionally generate all of us a better individual.”

Making Progress After 6 Weeks of Dedication & Introspection

The appreciate Savvy Club provides aided a number of people change their love life around and locate a lot more joy in their connections. Lucy stated they often see advancements after working with one or two for around six weeks. Some partners reach the enjoy Savvy Club as a last-ditch work to save their own matrimony, and so they find yourself experiencing closer to the other person than ever before.

“Exactly who knew my personal connection could remain intimate and enjoyable after ten years together!?” stated Mark, a Chicago resident whom took the RICH plan together with lover. “i prefer the Lovelands’ strategy: enjoyable, considering science, and real.”

Lucy stated certainly her preferred achievements tales included a wedded few who was known all of them by a specialist. The couple mentioned they certainly were hoping to improve their particular commitment. “They revealed fantastic respect and kindness per other,” she said. “Every tutorial appeared to cause them to become more appreciative each time.”

Months later on, the happy couple admitted to Lucinda that they went to therapy because they felt disconnected from another, additionally the training she provided all of them allowed them to bridge that range and turn into close friends. Now obtained a residence and two young ones. “It’s been satisfying observe a healthy household kind,” Lucinda stated. “an atmosphere that can’t be calculated.”

“I like the Lovelands’ method… i’dn’t trust anyone else to boost my personal sex life!” — Mark, a person regarding the HIGH program

One client known as Lisa mentioned she felt scared that her companion could not give their exactly what she needed. Subsequently she caused Alfred and Lucinda and discovered the partnership she wished was within the woman get to. “your whole process is liberating,” she mentioned. “i am very grateful to confidently say today my lover is providing me over Now I need!”

Alfred told all of us he has viewed some partners make enormous development in span of one discussion. a husband and wife inside RICH system once known as him in the telephone simply because they felt discouraged and hopeless. In their talk, Alfred didn’t offer information or wisdom; the guy just listened to all of them reveal their unique emotions. “i merely applied the abilities we coached, competent hearing and responding,” Alfred stated. “it will help having a model and feel it for your self.”

By the end of the telephone call, the husband had understood that their wife wished him to be controlled by this lady in the same way that Alfred had listened to all of them.  The guy mentioned the guy felt like a weight was indeed raised from him, and then he eventually understood how to handle it. “Occasionally, oahu is the most basic things that make big modifications,” Alfred concluded.

Alfred & Lucy assist Couples Have the adore They Deserve

When they 1st met up, Alfred and Lucinda failed to know quite definitely about how to generate a relationship work, but, as time passes and effort, they became professionals on building closeness, resolving dispute, and conditioning a marriage. Now they communicate those important takeaways with couples internationally via the enjoy Savvy Club.

Lucinda mentioned she along with her partner are doing a novel in order to step-by-step guidance for partners dealing with commitment problems. The publication will sum-up the functional information within the on line program and supply helpful workouts that audience are able to use to get in touch with regards to partners and never having to visit counseling or therapy.

Throughout their professions, Alfred and Lucinda have made it their purpose provide lovers every opportunity to improve on their own and save their particular connections by mastering the basics of healthier connections.

“we are large advocates for intimacy,” Lucinda stated. “the life can pass-by rapidly, therefore might possibly be a shame to live a life deprived of closeness and link. All of us have insecurities, anxieties, and frustrations. That doesn’t generate all of us any significantly less deserving of closeness.”