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Strong Wheels Logistics Inc. is an company specializing in easy, efficient and transparent truck Loads dispatch and load planning services for owner-operators and transportation companies. We can help keep you moving and grow your business as your one stop for finding loads, managing the paperwork and getting you paid. We will help your trucks run more efficiently by planning ahead, so you are looking beyond the load you are currently hauling.


The experienced staff offer a unique background in the transportation industry, which has created direct relationships with shippers in key areas. These unmatched relationships are the key to us finding you the best loads.

Dating can be fun but sometimes it isn’t and we all need to be aware of that. Brain Injury can make us self doubt and make us vulnerable to people who like to control or abuse ppl they feel are less able to defend themselves. I looked for a book on this topic and there aren’t any why is that or ppl pretending this doesn’t exist. Even in normal dating world it can be very hard to know how to deal with this and most ppl have their own way. I would like to know what rules should we follow as they are very different and I don’t see that here at all.

The Truth About Divorce After Traumatic Brain Injury

When people are overwhelmed, their communication patterns and style change. Some common changes are talking less and communicating less intensely with the partner. Along with the stress of recovery of a person, handling multiple responsibilities can increase the tension between both partners. Increased sex drive and disinhibited sexual behavior tend to occur if a specific region of the frontal lobe is injured, namely the orbitofrontal region.

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Sex After Traumatic Brain Injury

You should always consult your own healthcare provider if you have a health problem or medical condition. I got my diagnosis just an year ago, until then I thought something was wrong with me that I did not want to socialize with people and was scared of dating. Now that I know what is wrong with me I do not know how and where to meet decent people/men when I don’t drink, smoke or watch sports.

How a Head Injury Can Affect Your Mental Health

Why living with a vulnerable narcissist is emotionally damaging. You can’t reason with an unreasonable person, but there are proven techniques to better manage dicey situations. Many elements impact our enjoyment of sex – some more obvious than others. Bridgette Brown was traveling when she received a call from her mother. Michael, her 20 year old son, had called his grandmother to tell her he’d been shot. It was September 17, 2017, and she had no idea how much life would change after that call.

I have cried at the behavioral seizures I’ve had and the ways I’ve acted to my boyfriend. I commend you for trying to learn and not just running away. Love is always worth the fight and though we aren’t functioning at our “highest” we still have the ability to love so well. I would love to hear if you are still in this relationship and any tools you have for my boyfriend. Be understanding about each other’s new responsibilities. This can have a positive impact on a relationship.

I’m honestly just wondering what I should expect. Psychotherapy or counseling is likely an important component of recovery for nontraditional couples. Because partners may have even less support than couples in traditional relationships, finding a therapist who can provide this support and guidance is an important part of healing. Changes in communication between partners can result in both people feeling alone and isolated. Couples may feel they no longer understand what their partner is thinking or feeling. Additional responsibilities and the uncertainty of recovery can cause spouses to feel very overwhelmed.

What are the tips to improve relationship issues due to the changes in the responsibilities of couples:

People can suffer short-term effects, such as missing work or school, and long-term effects, such as chronic illness or death. Join the Injury Center in understanding and changing the world around us, so everyone, everywhere, every day can be safe and free from injury and violence. In conclusion, Traumatic Brain Injury can have serious and long-lasting effects on an individual’s physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. TBI can be caused by a variety of factors, including falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, violence, and other types of trauma. Traumatic brain injuries range in seriousness from a mild concussion to a brain bleed, but all head injuries have a level of innate seriousness.

He said ministers had not yet decided at what drug classification level laughing gas would be set at. In some people, a headache can be an unwanted immediate effect. The action DatingSimplified on nitrous oxide, better known as ‘nos’ or laughing gas, could see anyone caught facing ‘potential prison sentences’ and ‘unlimited fines for unlawful supply and possession’.

We did text eachother for about 3 weeks before meeting. When we first met he was honest about been in a car accident 6 months ago and sharing that he is in rehabilitation but just started a month ago. He shared that he has migranes a lot and severe pain in his back which goes into his leg. He and i really connect well, commumicate well and laugh a lot. We both really like each other a lot and he is wanting to see where we might get to.

Pay attention to the person you are going out with. Don’t check out other people while you’re in the middle of a date. No matter what your friends say, hygiene is important. Paying attention to your appearance shows respect for yourself and for others. The following “unwritten rules” of dating are offered below to help people new to the dating scene, those who have not dated in a while, or people wanting to improve their dating skills. We provide general wellness related information.

Any couples who are new to their relationships can work to take a positive approach to recovery. Although role uncertainty may be a challenge, it also provides the couple more freedom by not being tied to old ways of doing things. Remember that survivors will likely need more time to think about what their partner is saying, or about how they want to communicate again, patience is key. When either person in a relationship changes how he or she communicates, both people will behave differently.

Look at facial expressions, gestures, and body language, while also choosing your words carefully. When you talk, try to stick to what you practiced. Spouses may be unsure how best to communicate with their partner after injury. This discomfort may cause spouses not to communicate as often or as openly with the survivor. Survivors often give up many responsibilities, including work expectations and household chores, while they focus on getting better.