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Strong Wheels Logistics Inc. is an company specializing in easy, efficient and transparent truck Loads dispatch and load planning services for owner-operators and transportation companies. We can help keep you moving and grow your business as your one stop for finding loads, managing the paperwork and getting you paid. We will help your trucks run more efficiently by planning ahead, so you are looking beyond the load you are currently hauling.


The experienced staff offer a unique background in the transportation industry, which has created direct relationships with shippers in key areas. These unmatched relationships are the key to us finding you the best loads.

Rrested within a week of Leach’s murder after police stopped him for driving a stolen vehicle. Conviction on all of the escape-related charges that Bundy faced could alone amount to 90 years in prison and $130,000 in fines. Bundy then moved to Salt Lake City to attend law school, where he killed additional people. After learning about Ted Bundy’s girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall a.k.a. Elizabeth Kloepfer, read up on Ted Bundy’s wife, Carole Ann Boone. The urge to kill her took control of him one night when he went to her house and closed the chimney damper. He put a towel under the door and intended to let the room fill up with smoke as she was drunk and asleep.

Authorities share update on person of interest after Michigan mom-of-8 vanished

His sessions were discovered by his family after his death in 2018. See the notorious killer’s ‘secrets’ exposed in TV Insider’s exclusive clip from Oxygen docuseries. The company has a long successful history in book publishing, product licensing, radio and popular TV shows.

How Did Elizabeth Kendall Feel About Ted Bundy Marrying Carole Ann Boone?

All serial killers are not crazy people who stand out in a crowd. Ted killed as many as he did by being perfectly normal; even more than normal. If his chosen path had been different, he would have made a great lawyer someday.

In the green room before filming, he recalled Alcala as being “very obnoxious and creepy”, and “very unlikable and rude and imposing as though he was trying to intimidate.” A year earlier he was one of three ‘bachelors’ vying for the heart of contestant Cheryl Bradshaw. Due to Alcala’s failing health, authorities decided not to extradite him to Wyoming to stand trial. The charges have not been dropped but Alcala has not entered a plea. “There is no rhyme or reason how these two people, one so good and one not, crossed paths, and ended up there,” Kathy Thornton said. From there, Sheaman said he, along with HBPD, was able to put together a timeline of Alcala’s movements the summer of 1977 when Thornton was killed.

For all the true crime listeners and lovers out there, take our word for it when we say this is only the start of the story. He then later abducted a 12-year-old Kimberly Leach before his capture. As “Falling for a Killer” covered, per Refinery 29, Boone could be seen in the courthouse every day during Bundy’s later trial for his Florida killings, moving permanently to the state to do so. Before the days of careful vetting and extensive background checks, Rodney Alcala appeared on The Dating Game in the middle of his killing spree in the late ’70s.

Despite his rape conviction and secret heinous crime spree, Rodney’s bright eyes and cheeky smile earned him a place on Blind Date-style ABC TV show The Dating Game in September 1978. As well as the murders, Acala raped an eight-year-old girl. Alcala later left the girls alone but Robin later rode off on her bike to a ballet studio where she was due to be attending work experience. Around that time, Kloepfer developed doubts about Bundy and gave his name to the police, though authorities didn’t consider him a serious suspect. Bundy himself suggested that the actual number of his victims might be higher.

Somehow, in spite of the bleakness of the subject matter, it feels more redemptive than despairing. For Sama is one of the most profoundly intimate depictions of the Syrian conflict ever put to film. It’s the push to help those on the outside process something so incomprehensible in the depth of its horrors. “Animals treats its subjects with patience and generosity. You’ll find no life lessons here. Its main characters are free to pursue their desires, to whatever end.”

Alcala was charged again in 2016 with the murder of 28-year-old Texas woman Christine Ruth Thorton, whose body was found at a Wyoming ranch. At trial, Alcala had attempted to claim he had no memories of the killings he committed. In 2010, a psychologist who testified on behalf of the defense, told the court that Alcala suffered from borderline personality disorder. The state of California placed a moratorium on the death penalty in 2019, meaning all prisoners on death row received a stay of execution.

“When I talked to him, he agreed now was the time to do it.” They went to the courthouse for a marriage license in February 1970, but after a fight a few days later, Bundy ripped up the document. Kendall’s book editor, Sara Levant, tells me she went to the Seattle courthouse to confirm the couple applied for the license. Rodney Alcala, who would later be known as The Dating Game Killer for his one-time appearance on the TV show, committed his first known crime in 1968 when he was discovered luring an 8-year-old girl into his apartment. The police found her alive but beaten and raped, and Alcala fled. He spent nearly 10 more years committing various crimes against mostly women and young girls before he was finally apprehended.

I knew I was going to terminate the pregnancy as soon as I could. He had fathered a baby.” Kendall did, however, terminate the pregnancy. Bundy didn’t have faith or trust in law enforcement, primarily because many of them wanted something from him. They wanted to be able to write a book about what was discussed. Bill had to go to great lengths to prove he wasn’t that person . I have to say that it was a fascinating story and an incredible script.

But he also was insecure, kind of weak, and often deeply afraid, and this movie portrays that side of him, which I think is interesting. The reality of what they’re facing reveals so much about who they are. On Friday, Netflix premiered Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Joe Berlinger’s thriller based on__Elizabeth Kloepfer’s__ real-life, approximately five-year romance with Ted Bundy.

The person Bundy called was Elizabeth Kendall, who had already seen news reports about the Florida murders when the phone rang. He was later extradited to Colorado where he was charged with Campbell’s murder. But in 1977, he escaped from police custody in Colorado twice, then made his way to Florida, where he continued Qwikmeet his murderous spree. After Bundy’s 1975 arrest, police linked him to the attempted abduction of Carol DaRonch, who had identified him in a lineup. Bundy went on trial for aggravated kidnapping and was convicted in March 1976. He was sentenced to a minimum of one to a maximum of 15 years in a Utah state prison.

The 1968 Volkswagon Bug that belonged to serial killer Ted Bundy sits in the corner of a rental lot waiting for a buyer, July 15, 1997, in Salt Lake City. Years later when he was on death row in Florida, Bundy confessed to FBI Special Agent Bill Hagmaier that by the summer of 1974, he had been abducting and killing women for months. When they were dating, Bundy was earning a degree in psychology at the University of Washington. He drove a Volkswagen Beetle, worked on political campaigns and had aspirations of going to law school.